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January 2013

Work starts to build new Hg-injection laboratory - the plans are for it to open by Mid-Feb 2013.

December 2012

Dr Ida Shafagh starts a post-doc working in the petrophysics of low permeability rocks within the Wolfson laboratory.

November 2012

10 X-ray transparent coreholders for 1 inch plugs are delivered.
Statoil join FAULTPROP

July 2012

50 X-ray transparent coreholders for 1.5 inch plugs are delivered.

March 2012

Wintershall join FAULTPROP

January 2012

Order placed for Hg-injection porosimeter capable of measuring injection pressures at reservoir stress conditions

November 2011

Javed Haneef started PhD in fault rock petrophysics.

October 2011

ConocoPhillips join FAULTPROP
Paul Glover appointed Professor of Petrophysics.
Abdul Majeed Shar starts PhD in fault rock petrophysics.

September 2011

Shell join FAULTPROP

December 2010

New Ergotech triaxial cell installed that will allow us to measure static and dynamic elastic properties at temperatures of up to 200C and confining pressrues of >10,000 psi.

December 2009

Refurbishment work now completed to provide two temperature controlled rooms that will enhance our low permeability core analysis work.

March 2009

Oxford Instruments NMR installed in Wolfson Lab - this will allow rapid measurement of T2 following brine permeability measurements.

February 2009

Ergotech velocity analysis equipment installed - this will allow us to measure Vp, Vp at confining pressures of up to 10,000psi. It will also allow us to measure the static elastic properties of samples.

December 2008

Wolfson laboratory is awarded 300,000 GBP from the Royal Society Wolfson Laboratory Refurbishment Grant, along with matching funding the the University of Leeds this will allow us to expand the Wolfson laboratory and build a temperature controlled area to allow us to measure the permeability of ultralow permeability rocks (<10 nD).
BHP are first sponsor to join FAULTPROP